Melvin B. Friedberg, P.A.    Certified Public Accountant   •   Certified Senior Advisor

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Tax Preparation

The tax planning phase which precedes tax preparation is the most important part of the process in reducing your tax liability. The tax preparation staff at Melvin B. Friedberg, P.A. can help reduce your tax liability by analyzing and understanding your personal and/or business and important taxable transactions.

• Federal, State and Local Taxes
• Individuals, Corporate and Partnerships
• Trusts and Estates
• Planning for Closely Held Businesses and Individuals
• Representation before IRS and the Department of Revenue for all states

You probably realize that preparing your own income tax return can be a difficult and confusing project, leaving you with many unanswered questions. Government statistics show that most of the tax abiding population benefit from using a professional tax preparer such as Melvin B. Friedberg, C.P.A., CSA.

Tax laws are so complicated, even filing a relatively simple return can be confusing. It is very easy and common to overlook deductions and credits which you may be entitled to.

Coming prepared to your appointment is always helpful.