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Relocation expenses are deductible when certain qualification requirements are incurred. The Internal Revenue Service requires that your move must be in connection with beginning work at a new job or beginning work for a new job in a new job location. The commute from the old residence to the new place of employment must be at least 50 miles farther than the commute from the old residence to the old place of work.

The employee must be employed full time for 39 weeks during the twelve month period beginning when the employee arrives at the location of the new place of employment.


In some situations the employer might reimburse a portion or all of the moving expenses of the employee. The employer will withhold income tax and payroll taxes on some or all of the expenses.

We have advised clients who have moved to and from Florida during our past 25 years in business.

Some of the  states include the following:

N.Y.,  CA.,  Fl.,  IL.,  MA.,  N.C.,  N.J.,  CT.,  TX.,  PA. and  GA.

We are experienced and skilled offering 

relocation advisory services relating to all states.


For further specific details on which types of expenses are and are not deductible and record keeping please contact Mel Friedberg